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„Aleksandra creates a beautiful and dense world of details in her collages, a fairytale-like – surrealistic reality. Her work is subtle, expressive and surprising. The artist has some kind of peace inside, of someone who knows what they want and who has found the tools to achieve it.” Paulina Stolarek, executive editor of Zwierciadło magazine

„These collages take the viewer to a world of wealth, full of beautiful flowers, animals and magic. In every work, you can find a fascination with illustration and its endless possibilities. She was able to accomplish a very recognizable style.” Magda Zięba-Grodzka, art & design editor at Label Magazine

„I’m impressed by Ola’s imagination. I admire her ability to give a second life to old printed papers. I also value the precision of her compositions, how smoothly elements work together and how they penetrate each other.” Oliwia Gede, creative director of the Kukbuk magazine

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