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Foonka – Liquid Memory


Liquid Memory sheets designed for the FOONKA brand are an exceptional mix of colors and shapes.

Collage reminds us of dreams, it makes an incredible impression with its dense composition and precise detail. The unpredictability of dreams and a strong bond between humans and nature are the main themes of this design.

This was one of the nicest collabs of 2019. Firstly, because of the people that create the FOONKA brand – Gosia and Marcin Dziembaj have a deep passion for what they do and are incredibly open-minded. We clicked since the very beginning and the idea of my collage being able to come to life was extremely exciting for me. FOONKA invited me to work together back in fall 2018. We have met in real life during the Warsaw Home trade show where they presented me the idea of creating a sheet line designed by polish artists. Gosia and Marcin endowed me with a free hand, trust, and creative freedom.

The design is the first one of the upcoming FOONKA line, whose keynote is showing the art of modern illustrators, painters and designers. The sheets are made from a locally woven 100% cotton satin sewn and printed in Poland, which is undeniably a reason to be proud.

The Liquid Memory design was highly appreciated at an international European Product Design Awards 2019 and won the first price in the “Bedding” category.

Następny projekt Iga Sarzyńska Wzrusza Toruń