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Iga Sarzyńska Wzrusza Toruń


In Toruń by the Kopernik 14th street, you can find an outstanding boutique with sweets by Iga Sarzyńska.

There you can find extraordinary, hand-decorated gingerbread cookies, delicious treats with a dash of ginger and velvety chocolates. These wonders captivated with their beauty since the opening of the space. Iga Sarzyńska not only – as the name says- Touches Toruń, but also has a chance of charming the whole Poland.

Iga has invited me to work on creating collages that will decorate a special new series of packaging for Toruń gingerbread cookies. Cracow’s graphic design studio - Parastudio, specializing in consumer graphics for culture and business, decided to join this special project. This is just the beginning of our collaboration- there is a total of 7 brand new illustrations which we will be very happy to present to you in 2020.

„Here I present you yet another fulfilled dream... a collage which was designed for me by Ola Morawiak – one of the most talented women I know. Her remarkable illustrations are more and more appreciated not only in Poland but also in other parts of the world. Not only is she talented, but also has some kind of exceptional magic that you cannot just pass by. I remember the first time a friend of mine, Kuba, showed me her work- I was just over the moon! I would watch and admire her collages for hours… These beautiful and subtle illustrations are going to decorate the packaging of our richly scented gingerbread cookies. I hope that it will please not only your eyes but also your hearts and will captivate you with its beauty and warmth."

Iga Sarzyńska - the founder of „Iga Sarzyńska Wzrusza Toruń”

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