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Liquid memory collages.


I believe in the power of bold colors and shapes – they are a formal potential, giving meaning to the final form of what we see and what the artist is showing as their personal view of the world.

I have found my passion and made it my trade - creating collages is a way of expressing myself- I design new worlds, to which I would like to invite you.

I collaborated with publishers, brands, agencies in Poland and abroad, including Zwierciadło, Wysokie Obcasy Extra, Design Alive, Label Magazine, Modern Designers, Design Alive, KUKBUK, ELLE, PANI. My illustrations also became awarded by the Must Have quality label, given by Łódź Design Festival and a Golden Prize of KTR – a Club of Commercial Creators in a category of illustration for “Zmysłownik” ( designed for the KUKBUK magazine in 2018). I have also received the first prize in the European Product Design Award 2019 for the project of the “Liquid memory” sheets for the FOONKA brand.

I get my inspiration mainly from eclectic implementations in the field of interior design, I love looking for interesting combinations of colors and forms - it opens the mind to other directions of artistic measures. I consider my intuition as my greatest ally and I am faithful to it.

Since I started working with collage, I have accumulated a very broad archive of photography and illustration. I collect and elaborately catalog them. Most of them come from libraries from around the world, which digitalize their collections and share them with artists. When it comes to modern photography I mostly purchase licensed photos or collaborate with photographers.

When working with me you can count on full commitment – I carefully listen to customers’ needs and expectations. I admire creating with a full package of hints and references to which I can come back to with my mind while creating.

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