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Every single day is a collage. A collage of events, pictures, thoughts, flavors, sounds. Responsibilities and joy. That’s why “Zmysłownik” has something from a calendar and something from a diary but is neither one or the other.

The number 12 is a symbol of perfection, harmony and organization. Every month has its own laws, implements order and periodic diversity to our everyday life. Every day is an unexpected mix of events, thoughts and passion. My assumption was to create illustrations that are dense, ornately decorated and are a visual representation of life multithreadingness.

„Zmysłownik” is a completely unique work of art, created for recipients with sensitivity to refined aesthetics. Every month is represented by an exceptional collage and a bunch of inspirations coming from seasonal pleasures. The whole thing is covered in an elegant binding soft to the touch, with elements of flock fabric, gilded sides, and a ribbon.

„I’m in love with this form of collage. Every element is known and transparent to us, but being placed in a brand new way and extracted from an old context they become something surprising, demanding to be read again. But do not get tricked by this poetic aesthetics, hiding underneath you can find rich content full of twists and turns. I’m impressed by Ola’s imagination. I admire her ability to give a second life to old printed papers. I also value the precision of her compositions, how smoothly elements work together and how they penetrate each other.”

Oliwia Gede, creative director of the Kukbuk magazine

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