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TOVA Halfworlds


TOVA is a modern brand created for women who make most of their life.

Clothes by this brand have simple, yet exquisite forms, toned down, but warm colors, timeless and trendy personality. This harmony - based on a balance between opposites is inspired by the Scandinavian style, which is a mix of comfort and lightness.

The founder of the brand, Katarzyna Janecka, combines creativity and pragmatism in her work. It was extremely nice of her to invite me to work together on creating collage designs for t-shirts. Minimalistic worlds, which I laid out based on geometric forms turned out great on simply cut clothes.

„In terms of collaborating, I invite people similar to me, passionate. I believe that we are most productive when we do what makes us happy.”

Katarzyna Janecka - the owner of the TOVA brand

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